masterrheeWelcome to the website of Rhee International Tae Kwon-Do Townsville.

Founded in Australia by World Master Chong Chul Rhee over 40 years ago, it is Australia’s First, Biggest and Best martial arts school, with branches Australia wide.

Like no other activity our safe and inspiring classes can help you and your family increase your concentration to handle school work/business decisions, improve your confidence to develop public speaking, and even develop a high self esteem allowing  choices to be made based on educated decisions instead of peer pressure.

Every class also allows for continual leadership training which enables students to learn and think for themselves. This means they become a role model and have a positive influence over siblings, classmates and friends outside of our halls. Our unique self paced grading system also allows students to go through the ranks as fast or slow as they need to without any pressure enabling them to learn and be constantly challenged at a speed that suits them.

RHEE Tae Kwon-Do is a completely non tournament Martial Art. This means instead of competing and needing to come first or “to beat someone” to be recognized we put all of our time into teaching our students what it really means to be a “Winner”. After all, we consider all of our student’s World Champions, no trophies required!

All Rhee Tae Kwon-Do Instructors are professionals and officially appointed by World Master Chong Chul Rhee. All classes are held on a regular basis in a positive controlled environment.

Suitable for you and the whole family, Rhee Tae Kwon-Do is a great way to keep fit and develop a sound body and mind.