They say;


A Family who Trains Together, Stay’s Together


The whole family can benefit from learning together even at different ages and abilities. The majority of our classes are what we call family classes for all ages 5 and up. We find this can be much more convenient for families wishing to learn alongside each other as opposed to having to organize their schedule around children only and adult only classes.

When a family trains together it helps create a like minded goal which helps the bond of the family become stronger, while it is obvious that both the parents and the children/teens may have their own goals that they work towards and achieve, it is the support of each other in reaching these goals that helps create a stronger bond.
While we cover a lot of different things, each parent and child/teen will enjoy different parts of their training, from dynamic action too simple yet enjoyable techniques, but at the same time both will be learning a multitude of other things like:

  • Effective and simple self defence
  • Fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Co-ordination
  • Balance
  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • and much more